1 Labyrinth Of Sand 2

Labyrinths of Sand

1-Labyrinth of sand 2

Circling inwards, eyes down, the sweeping lines of the labyrinth guide me. Though my mind wants to make sense of it, and plan ahead, I quieten it down. All I need is trust: follow the pattern, go with the flow.
My feet follow the spiral path which will lead me to the center and out again. I breathe deep: inspired.
The waves dance in and out on the beach beside me, whispering their song as they lap on the shore. The lines of the labyrinth ruffle the smooth beige sand, cool and damp beneath my feet.
I rest in the center.
Looking out on the vast ocean, wave upon wave into infinity, I enjoy the sense of my own smallness. The gentle breeze caresses my cheeks; the warmth of the sun soaks through my skin. I drink in the sounds of the seagulls wheeling overhead and my children filling buckets with sand, somewhere far off a dog is barking. But here I am, quietly centered in the midst of the busy world. I feel myself fully rooted in the present moment, connected to the flow of life. For the first time all day my thoughts slow down to near stillness, I can feel myself breathing deep into my belly.
I am here…. 
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