My transformational teachers of 2013

It may be a little early in the year to write this. But what the hell. I’m buzzing about who I’m working with this year and so I wanted to share it with you like, NOW!!!!

It seems to have become a sort of tradition for me to scout out my teachers and then organise my learning for the year ahead. (To see last year’s teachers see here… and then come right back here so you can meet my line up for this year!)

I think of it as my very own University of Life where I get to choose my professors and my topics. Topics I never learnt about at school, that set my world on fire, from women around the world who I wouldn’t otherwise get to meet. All glory and thanks to the wonders of the Interweb, guardian of women’s sanity!

I usually have one module for creativity, one for business/ money, a couple for spirit and one for teaching/ facilitation. But often they tick a couple of boxes. Basically I make sure that I up-skill each of my work life areas each year. Taking on new ideas, soaking in the wisdom and experience and general juju of mentors I admire.  So if you’re looking for inspiration, new mentors and general wonder, look no further!

As an aside, there are always two big demons to fight: the “no-time” and “no money” demons. Being a mama of three with a low income, I know both, intimately, but I also know that when I live magically, fully and creatively, every area of my life is enhanced. This is a totally worthwhile investment in me as a woman and a creative entrepreneur. I don’t take on courses that require me to show up at certain times. Nor ones which cost over the £150 bracket. What I am after is nuggets of transformational wonder and delight offered by women who walk their talk.

All the time I am learning I also have my business and teacher’s hat on watching for useful tips and tricks, teaching material I can re-use, their marketing strategy and furthermore making great networks with fellow alumni of my sort of people who may well become customers, and networking with the leaders themselves scouting out opportunities to collaborate. I wait for special offers and discounts and become an affiliate as well for extra cha-ching. So really it doesn’t cost me too much. And it makes me way happy, knowing that I can tap into some wonderful wisdom at any moment, from home, without trying to get out in the evenings.

So this years faculty in my University of Life are:

 Shiloh Sophia. I am taking her course, The Red Key, at the Cosmic Cowgirls University (yeeha!). They have very kindly offered me a generous scholarship to extend my studies in creativity, the divine feminine, painting and women’s creative process with her for the rest of the year. You’ll see her influence in my more recent paintings and many more to come.

Do take some time to listen to her powerful talk on the Red Thread . The winter session of Marked by the Muse has just begun: packed full of poetry, painting and creative connection. It’s powerful stuff and I’m loving it. (Check out what she says about women and business here!)

megan aumanMegan Auman. My business modules this year are Megan’s Business by Design and Marketing for Makers to help me up my game in term of reaching new customers and shaping my exciting new offerings. She’s a jeweler and metal worker by trade with a great way of talking about business to creative types. I’ve been signed up to her mailing list for the past year (this and reading someone’s blog is a really good way to get a sense of someone’s work for free before committing a penny). She had an incredible deal, of 70% off these two courses until Jan 6th – |I bought them together for $80 (normal price $269).

Leonie Dawson – OK, sometimes I worry I go on about how great she is and you all just tune out, like la-la here’s Lucy’s fan-girl-crush again. Truth is I’m an affiliate because this woman rocks my world. (And this is the only affiliate link here!) And so I’ve been really excited to see on Facebook how many regular readers of Dreaming Aloud have taken my advice and either joined the circle or bought her Business and Life planners and are now totally in love with her too! She rocks!!!

 If you want transformation fast, that’s deep, but also fun, caring and sparkly, then Leonie’s your woman. Go right now and buy a planner, it’s less that £6. That’s no risk at all. Plan your 2013. Start making your dreams come true! Oh, and did I tell you she’s writing the forward for The Rainbow Way? Wahooooo!

Mary Beth Bonfiglio. She’s a recently new discovery, thanks to my superbly well connected friend Erin Darcy. I want to write like this woman. And so I’ve signed up to do her writing course, Own The Edge. It’s magic! I love her coinages: wordgasm anyone? Do check out her blog and prepare to be blown away by words! (I have a contribution from her in The Rainbow Way too, yippee!!!)

Beth Wallace. A fellow woman’s circle leader and Irish based, hurray! 
A kindred spirit a few steps ahead on the spiral path. She teaches tantra, Jade egg practice and so much more (seeher site for details). We are already talking possible collaborations and I’m looking forward to attending more of her events, like her next Full Moon Circle in April and her Bliss event in West Cork in July.

And then my wish list – faculty opportunities waiting to be filled!

Mara Friedman. Divine feminine artist based in the US, whose work touches women to the core. Not sure how I’m going to get to work with her but am learning from her art. I sell her cards at fairs, and each of my Happy Womb Gift sets comes with one of them.

ALisa Starkweather – I am hoping to connect more with this amazing wise woman, founder of the Red Tent Movement in 2013 and perhaps meet in person.

I’m looking for a really strong mandala tutor on line course, artist or book. I’ve been sniffing around for over a year now and not come up with anything. And also a dance practice of some sort, I’d love some sacred feminine dance, tribal bellydancing to be precise! Preferably local. Any suggestions appreciated!

And for those of you who were inspired to see my painting blooming into life last year, Flora Bowley’s Bloom True course, the one that started it all off, is running again in February.

I have my own exciting courses, on line and in person brewing in 2013. So maybe I’ll get to be one of your transformational teachers of 2013 online or in person. I’m so excited!

Who are your transformational teachers for 2013?

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