I’ve got a little something for you!!

Happy New Year dearest readers!

We are 9 days into the new year and already I have made five dreams come true! Wowsers! What a way to start the year.

They were:

  • attend a women’s retreat
  • bellydance with other women
  • make new work-soul connections with local like-minded women
  • build my mailing list and
  • create a beautiful e-book
That e-book has filled my heart with joy in the making of it. Created from some of my favourite bits from my next book, The Rainbow Way, combined it with my artwork, it came together over the course of a weekend.

Have you got your copy yet? 

Sign up to the mailing list and you will get your very own rainbow coloured copy as if by magic!

It was only when I had created this little book of colourful love for creative mamas, that I realised WHAT a big dream come true it was.

Let me take you back in time to May 2011….

I had just joined Leonie Dawson’s Goddess Circle and read her Business Goddess e-book, having found her after Googling “Creative Rainbow Mothers”.

Her e-book allowed the seed of an idea to form. I would write an e-book. About Creative Rainbow Mothers. The dream was that it would be a colourful book for the soul. Two moths later I realised it was bigger than an e-book. I started sending it off to publishers. And whilst I waited, sat down to write another e-book. Moon Time. Which also became a real book.

The book about Creative Rainbow Mothers is so much bigger than my original vision. It has taken on a life of its own, and features the words and experiences of pretty much ALL my creative mama heroines.

Today, I received the Forward to the book, written by Leonie herself! I love how it has all come full circle!

AS I was reflecting on the book, before I launched into the rather tedious work of the final writing and editing,  the e-book idea called me again.

So I made it.

I rode my wild donkey, as Leonie would say.

And it’s now winging its magic around the world. It’s been read by more than 50 women in three days. In Switzerland, Ireland, The US, India, UK, Australia…

My inbox has been bombarded with beautiful messages of thanks from women who’ve read it. Oh how they made my toes tingle with delight. Let me share a couple…

So. On Saturday I went for lunch with my friend and came away feeling really low. I felt like my life had become so… small since having the boys, and almost like I had to apologise for my lack of dynamism. I realised that I can’t keep up with my old life, but I do have to open myself up to new creative outlets. So… Long story short, last night I sent out a prayer for something to jump out at me and make my heart sing, and two pages in and I know this book is it! Long way of saying thank you xxx


And this one

I just had to email you and tell you how fantastic, wonderful, beautiful, inspiring, amazing, bright and delicious I think it is!! You are brilliant and you inspire me!


And this one 

It’s beautiful, the art work, the words… I’m only halfway, baby woke up but can’t wait to get back to it later. You are so talented and so generous to share your talent and spirit so openly!!! Thank you! 


So be sure to grab your copy. And do let me know what you think. 

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