Looking back… looking forward…

And so as the turn of the year approaches I look back over the year that was. In total amazement for the year that was. And give thanks.
First things first, I survived the end of the world. And if you are reading this, then you did too. Hurray for us! Mojitos all round, I say!
I nominated this my year of abundant rainbows. And it sure was. I made a sacred vow to myself out loud on this blog that this would be the year I let myself do my thing out loud – sing, dance, paint and generally be me, and mama I did. Mission accomplished!
2012 in brief…
Publishing contracts: 1
Books published: 2 
Books written: 4
Paintings done: Over 50
Journals filled: 4
Blogging courses taught: 3
Blog posts written: 173- over 4 blogs!
Most popular blog post of 2012 – Our Cupboards are Full but there’s nothing to Eat – absolutely NO idea why this is so popular – it has had just shy of 3000 pageviews in 11 months!
My favourite blog post of 2012 on Dreaming Aloud – weirdly – Almost
My favourite blog post elsewhere – my December one on Tiny Buddha: Overcoming Anxiety: Moving from Fear to Presence

Nights away by myself: 2

Trips to the UK: 2. 
Not to mention a painting exhibition, and my first full year in business as a professional creative rainbow mama! 
It also brought us a near fatal accident. Lots of anxiety. Lots of illness for us all. But we’re all still here, coughing and spluttering to greet a new year. And for that I am beyond grateful.
I have spent the past month taking stock of the year – creatively, to do with life goals, emotionally and for my business. I tried Susannah Conway’s free 2013 life planner, which was good, but not nearly so good as Leonie’s Life planner, which I got last year and adored using, and her brand new Business Planner which has transformed my intentions and plans for the year ahead (from “I’m not sure I can face another year in business, working all the hours and not making that much” to “whoopee, I am SO excited about next year… and I know how I can triple my income,whilst spending more time doing the bits of my work that I love”. It is nothing short of transformational – and fun to do – it comes highly, highly recommended!

One of my resolutions for 2013, is to programme in retreat time. So this year I found myself driving the same road that I did a year ago. The same highway to the wilds of West Cork. The same exodus from family life. The same need for reflection and creative dreamtime.
But rather than the desperation that came with last year’s escape, instead I had this retreat booked in, a day and night, put in the calendar, made sacred with intention, the space held for me! I went to a women’s full moon circle, with a dear friend, one that I wasn’t leading and so got to retreat, be nourished, reflect and create. And it was perfect.
I am making sure to book them in throughout the year. Which is getting easier as the kiddies get older, and I am no longer breastfeeding. My next date booked is 6th January meeting the Wild Women of Cork for drumming, dance and henna. I can’t wait!
And my word for this year. Very simple. But very challenging: Trust. It came to me as I was wondering if I should sign my publishing contract. So that’s it. Trust.

and my big plans for the year? Well, you’ll just have to wait and see!

What’s your word for the year? What resources have you found helpful in reflecting on 2012, and visioning 2013? What are your hopes and dreams and plans for yourself? Do share them below! Speaking them aloud helps to clarify and materialise them!
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