Joy Pockets

Surviving the end of the world!

New orange tights.

Receiving a scholarship to the Cosmic Cowgirls University. I kid you not!
Looking forward to a special full moon women’s circle.
A fridge full of Christmas sustenance, thanks to Mr DA.
Feeling like a nice mama again (willing the bug my son has to disappear without knocking the whole family out).
Looking forward to seeing soul sisters.
A morning of Christmas cooking with carols a-blaring!
Mr DA doing the kiddie night shift = sleep for mama!
Fresh cranberry, orange and white choc cookies, my festive treat!
Doing art and piano with Meli, having found my favourite childhood piano book.
Our wonderful doctor. What a beautiful soul he is.
Curling up in front of a movie in the afternoon with my kiddies.
Leonie’s wonderful business planner.
3 sleeps till Christmas!!!!!!! Merry Christmas one and all.
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