The Voice of the Child… Really?

Tomorrow we get to vote. In another flipping referendum. Ostensibly for ‘the voice of the child’.

Who would oppose that, right?

But what ARE we voting on? And why? And why now?  In the midst of economic meltdown. On something that no one knew needed changing. And most importantly, why are ALL the political parties and large non-state agencies united in their support for it. That’s just super-freaky!

We will be voting on a subtle change of words. The meaning of which none of us really knows. The power of which none of us understands.

All we know is that we don’t trust the state. Don’t want to sign any more potential power over to them.

Because, potentially, in the eyes of the state, mamas like me are suspicious and irresponsible. Mamas who choose to birth at home, to co-sleep, to long-term breastfeed. Mamas who question the current education system and are frequently late for school.  How hard would it be for the state to prove that those of us who follow the current findings of educational experts and brain scientists and our hearts, rather than half truths and blind prejudice which guide our institutions, are fit to be parents to our beloved offspring?

I asked one of the official yes campaigners what the point of it all was. She said it was partly to ensure that situations like the endemic abuse at the hands of the Religious and care homes in this country could never happen again.

But to be honest neither the law of the land, nor the Holy Bible said that beating and buggering innocent children was alright, ever…it was a lack of care and accountability, which tends to happen far more when children are separated from those who love them.
I don’t know, but something smells fishy to me…

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