The Rainbow Way – a progress report

The Rainbow Way … “book” is too small a word to contain its depth and breadth, words insufficient to express the magic that I am weaving into it!

Oh how it stretches and grows, as new connections are made, with creative mothers around the globe, who hear my call, and forgiving my typos  and dodgy grammar, can see the vision that I hold, and come on board, hearts open wide and shining. This project speaks of the generosity of women, their desire to make their stories heard, to support other women whom they have never met.

The book currently has contributions from over fifty creative mothers: Jennifer Louden, Pat Allen, Ariel Gore, Julie Daley, Pam England, Darina and Rachel Allen, a forward by Goddess Leonie, and the blessings of Dr Christiane Northrup and Lynn V Andrewsto quote from their work and build on their ideas. And, for those of you who missed the announcement, it has a publisher, the aptly named Soul Rocks! Do let me know if you would like to contribute, and haven’t yet.
I cannot tell you how many hours I have worked on it at this stage. It started over 18 months ago. And there is still another year of work, before I will hold it in my hands. Often I wonder, I hope, I pray, that it will be worth it all. That our words will change lives, will inspire, support. And will pay for my time!
But often I just worry that my words will be readable! That the bigness that it is, will translate into a book of clarity and interest.
As I summon my energy for the final push of writing and editing, I sent it out to a few friends to take a look at, to see if this thing, that is sucking my life force and concentration is actually readable.  The feedback has been sustaining, rewarding. As has the response from all the new creative mothers that I have contacted in the last week, each one, newly discovered who seems to hold a golden key, a nugget of truth, of knowing that calls to be contained within the book. 
But it’s not that it needs any more words. At 84,000 words, it is the same length as 100 of my Dreaming Aloud columns, 84 feature articles, three times the length of Moon Time, and 4,000 words over what my publisher is expecting. In reality it will be closer to 90,000 words and it could stretch on and on. But I need to include all these voices, as what started out as my book, has morphed into a virtual women’s circle, a talking circle of creative mothers – me, I’m not so wise, but together… together we know.
This book is an honouring
It is an honouring of my path
It is an honouring of my muse, a note taking of her voice, her habits, her ways,
It is an honouring of women, of mothers now and through the ages
It is an honouring of the creative spirit that lives in us all
It is an honouring of the mystery which courses through our veins, lights our darkness, inspires us, and flows out in dripping colours and heartfelt poems
It is an honouring of the lives we yearn for, the dreams we hardly dare to dream, the freedom and colour we crave
It is an honouring of the sacredness that happens when women gather in a circle and share their deepest truths
It is an honouring of that which we were not told, that which was kept silent, that which must be shared
It is an honouring of our lost selves, our madness, our sadness, the crazy woman in us all
It is an honouring of the liminal, the barely seen, the unknowable
It is an honouring of the secrets of a woman’s heart and soul which are unspeakable, which society thinks are ignorable, unimportant, irrelevant
It is an honouring of words and language to make clear what is in our hearts and heads
It is an honouring of our multiplicity, our colours, our potential.
It is an honouring of my soul sisters, heroines, fellow creative mamas all
It is an honouring of the dreams of our grandmothers and great grandmothers if we live it
It is an honouring of all the mothers about to be born into the land of creative motherhood, that they might have a guide, a circle, a friend.
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