If I lived then…

Often, as I reflect on the life I live, the full, expressive, creative, glorious, self-determined, sensual life that I sometimes take for granted,  I am only too aware that…

If I lived in the Middle Ages I would be thought of as a witch, and probably burned at the stake.

Image: www.pinealeye.com

If I lived in the 18th Century  I could be in the paintings or poems … but not creating them.

Jupiter and Antiope - Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres
Image: Ingres

If I lived in the Victorian era I would be hysterical as I squeezed myself into corsets, bit my tongue, had dainty conversation and no sexual satisfaction.

Image: www.fashion-era.com

If I lived in Saudi Arabia/ Afghanistan/ Pakistan/ an American fundamentalist community today I would probably be stoned/ beaten/ silenced/ scorned/ condemned.

Image: www.undhimmi.com

But I live here and now and so I get to be me – mother, painter, free-spirited, freelancing writer, free thinking woman. One who speaks what she wants from her heart. Who follows her soul’s longing. Who foments dissent against the authorities. Who encourages and helps to empower other women. Who has equality with her partner. Who can choose how many children she has. Who has money in her own bank account, that she spends on what she pleases.

And for that I am eternally grateful.

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