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This week I am mainly having a good writer’s week. So I wanted to share my celebrations with you!

Every couple of weeks I get the most special emails from grateful readers. I want to share this week’s one from a reader in Australia, that moved me to tears.

I recently purchased Moon Time and I feel that I need to thank you personally.
Thank you so much for writing this book. For spreading your wisdom. For helping women aknowledge and access their power.
I read Moon Time from cover to cover. At about the mid point, I shed a few tears thinking of my twelve year old self at menarche. I never felt that I could talk to my mother, as she has always had impenetrable emotional walls up. I was an insecure, shy and emotionally immature girl (thanks, Mum!) so I didn’t feel comfortable talking to anyone outside my family, not even my closest friends. I felt isolated, terrified and completely unsupported at that time. It took me many years to stop feeling embarassed about bleeding.
On the night I first read Moon Time, I said a few loving words to my twelve year old self and after a few more tears, woke up the next day feeling healed and energised. Now, a few short weeks later, I’ve experienced my first pain free moon time that I can remember. I find myself just as emotional and fatigued as always, but far more loving and nurturing towards myself in those feelings of vulnerability. Healed, for sure.
My own daughter is only four but I feel empowered to help respectfully support her through her transition when the time comes. It feels great to have shed those feelings of shame and to look forward to connecting with her as a young woman.
I’m really enjoying reading through your blogs and all of the sites that you recommend. You are doing such important work, Lucy. I’ll be recommending you to my mama friends.
Thank you again for so openly sharing your wisdom. You have gifted me with the tools to bring back my womanly magic that was misplaced for far too long.
Yours in gratitude,
Having sold out of my book, Moon Time, after my Blue Moon sale, I ordered 60 more copies. They arrived yesterday. I now have only 30 copies left! Reorders from some of my big independent stockists. I have sold over 350 copies in 6 months, to women in 12 countries!

I am just about to send off for the proof copy of Moods of Motherhood, my second book, which will be out in November to celebrate two years of Dreaming Aloud. It is a compilation of my favourite and most popular posts from the blog, best JUNO Dreaming Aloud columns, articles and lots of original material, written just for the book. Organised by the moods which permeate motherhood including: tenderness, depression, love, guilt, grief, silliness and happy days…

My third book, the newly named Rainbow Way is finding form not it has a solid title, and now stands at 70,000 words. I will be focusing on finishing it in October and November.

I have proudly put together my “As seen in…” bit on the side bar (look right!) – I feel quite chuffed with seeing all those publications together!

And have now got a mailing list. Also see right. Do join up, the first 100 sign ups go into a draw for one of two copies of Moods of Motherhood, when it is published in November. (Open Worldwide).

And finally I was shortlisted for both Dreaming Aloud and The Happy Womb in the Irish blog awards.

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