Unfurling – in pictures

An exhibition of painting by Lucy Pearce

“Much art seeks to recreate what is plainly seen in the outside world. I paint the inner world of dreams and imagination – in a language which is deeply personal, and yet universal. Symbols emerge which speak the language of the soul – the moon, spirals, trees, feathers, birds, tribal women, mandalas… Colours shimmer and swirl: there is a sense of flow and meditative movement in my paintings that both energises and demands contemplation from the viewer.
The Rainbow mama presides
“Using a multi-layered intuitive painting technique, I build up layer upon layer of rainbow colour: my paintings evolve from abstraction to dreamlike imagery. Painted in acrylics with my fingers in the main, but also brushes, sponges, and printed with pens, lids and even Lego bricks.

“This is my first professional exhibition, having not painted for ten years.  In six months 40 paintings emerged – a number of which have already been sold in the UK and Ireland. This exhibition marks my own creative unfurling.”

From Barry Egan in the Sunday Independent:  

“Stephen told me proudly that his talented daughter Lucy is having an exhibition in the old pottery at Shanagarry starting this Friday and running for the month of August. The 32-year-old, who has given Stephen three grandchildren, is now “in full flight – writing and publishing her own books and painting.”

Talent seems to spring eternal in Shanagarry. The apple never falls far from the potter’s wheel, or what?”

Lucy Pearce is a writer, painter and creative facilitator. The mother of three young children and daughter of Stephen Pearce, she lives in Shanagarry, Co. Cork.

She is currently better known for her written work as a freelance writer and editor (Irish Examiner, Modern Mum, Juno magazine). Her first book, Moon Time, was published in March 2012.

The exhibition opened Friday 3rd August 6.30pm and will run for the month of August.

Part of women’s group, before they got too sloshed!
“Leonora” from my post “Lessons from an elder”
The psychedelic peacock at the top was sold to Santa!!
My first beautiful creation
2 more of my beautiful creations
One of my very first buyers – cheers Rob!
Most of women’s group at the end of the evening – another of my very proud creations!

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