Who is reading this? and why?!!

Dreaming Aloud feels like it is in transition. I am not quite sure the shape it is taking.

It started out as a blog on living philosophy, attached to my Juno column of the same name. When I started it I didn’t really ‘get’ blogging. I thought it was an online diary, which I didn’t really feel inspired to try. So instead I decided to use it as a place to park everything that I was writing, rather than on my hard disk.

I was a stay at home mama to three, writing the occasional feature and editing Juno. I felt trapped. I could only glimpse what I wanted.

Through the life time of this blog many things have changed. I now have a book, have started painting and am more drawn to the visual and women’s mysteries. I spend less time mothering, thank goodness, I am not a natural mother, and am not trapped. I feel like I have built up a following of people who like and expect my blogging emotive posts on mothering, but I have moved on. To that end I am also going to give up one of my long time writing jobs which no longer resonates with where I am at.

I rarely sit and pour my heart out in writing now like a dam about to burst. Painting is my outlet and writing my work. My writing commitments to so many other projects mean that this blog is often on my to-do list. I feel there are expectations, from me and you.

In its time I have done series on books, on money, I have reviewed restaurants, shared art and poetry, shared our life as a family, written about birth and community…

I aim to inspire, to share, to add beauty and to keep it real…

What is the uniting factor? What IS Dreaming Aloud?

Dear reader, why do you come back to Dreaming Aloud? What do you get from it? Who is reading and why?

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