Sweet Pea

Another day, another painting. As you can see from the blog,  my writing is in hibernation and painting in full bloom. I feel I should apologise, to those of you who enjoy the writing. But… I’m guessing there’s no need, bearing in mind it’s my blog! It feels like it’s going through a latent period at the moment, until it takes its new form come September…

I manage to make myself feel guilty for painting. Even though I will probably earn more from my painting than my writing this year – I just feel like I “should” be writing. Madness! Especially when I am currently studying a time-limited painting e course and have committed to minimal writing commitments so that I can recharge my creative juices over the summer.

There is, it seems, no end to guilt!

So let me introduce you to the Queen of the Sweet Peas (who is still a work in progress) who has emerged all by herself. She was just a plain queen (the title of the course is “Queen of your own heart” but I’d already painted one that I was attached to (see my last post). I was just going throguh the motions, really, so that I could learn the techniques that I really need to up my painting game to the next level.

But then the spirals turned into tendrils, her jewelery into sweetpea pods! (which are a little yoni like too! – something those of you who follow my Pinterest boards will notice the yoni jewelery being pinned on my boards at the moment – yoni-shaped, might I add,  not for the yoni – not quite there yet!!)

So I raced to Pinterest to put together a board of sweet pea images to draw from.

And then I realised Sweet Pea was my nickname at school! And the flower I choose for my wedding – our 8th wedding anniversary is at the weekend. We have perennial sweet peas coming into flower outside our kitchen door at the moment.


Sweet pea…

High summer blooms
On Regal upstanding stems
Your Jewel tones
Fit for a queen
Or baby pastels
For the fairies
And lovers
Who make their vows beneath
Your tangled tendrils
Reaching, climbing, embracing, tumbling,
Intoxicated by your perfumed heaven.
Your delicate flowers
So feminine
Sing of sea shells
The mystery of the opening yoni
Embodied sensuality
Gardeners delight.

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