The Crazy Woman prowls…

This Creative Rainbow mama has been struggling with a lack of creating. Everyone else’s needs and the flu took priority. And so the Crazy Woman has been with us, growling and pacing, sharpening her talons and dreaming of escape – I have been needing to write, to paint, to get on with delicious projects and feeling very trapped and frustrated by my womanly role, as though starved of oxygen. Bad mama, bad daughter, bad sister, bad wife. I have been trailing anger, not beauty.

So today, the sun is shining, and I headed off to the beach on my bike. just me and the wind. And I left behind me only beauty.
Here’s what I have done already this morning (it’s not even 9am!) – and will be doing for the rest of today – making art – creating – making images – working with words – building my business – finding my tribe… ahhh! This I can do.

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