How to rock rainbow income streams

This has been a busy month. A wonderful work month doing what I love – writing, editing, teaching, painting – the first draft of Moon Time for Girls is now out with trusted mama readers. Darina Allen’s blog that I have been designing and mentoring her on is live! The blogging course went well and has been put on their course schedule for the next year. And another two paintings sold yesterday – before I’ve even set a date for the exhibition!  And what really made my day was that the buyers LOVED them. They were so happy to have them. So I was happy to let go of some creative babies to loving new homes, and accept some (well priced) abundance in return.

Sold to the lovely Dreaming Aloud reader who bought me dinner too!

And I just did my sums, and this month I have made 2/3 of what I made LAST YEAR!!!!


This means I have made more, in less days than our main breadwinner! Wowzer! (Sending massive gratitude to Mr DA, he keeps the bread on the table and the loo roll on the holder when I have quiet months.- and doing something he doesn’t love quite a much as I love my work – big love, dear Mr DA for your constant hard grind supporting us all over the years xxx)

It couldn’t have come at a better time, the finances were looking rather grim, and the bills for next years uniforms/ books etc were coming at us.

Thank you dear rainbow income streams, showering abundance on us! 

Let me give you a break down – so that you can understand WHY rainbow income streams are so cool, and vital if you’re self employed.

This month I have earned:

  • 12% from consulting
  • 11% from contracted writing/ editing
  • 40% from selling my art
  • 9% from affiliate programmes
  • 8% from book sales
  • 20% from teaching

As a “writer” I could be spending all my time pitching ideas that never get published by editors. Or waiting for my royalties to stack up.and “proving” to myself and the world that you can’t do the creative work you want to for a living.

But this is how I’m making it work – by adding rainbow streams which each trickle or gush abundance at us according to the season.

My top tips for rainbow income streams:

  • Don’t be reliant on one employer/ contractee
  • Have a balance of online/ off line, local/global, products/ services
  • Use all your skills – brainstorm what you can do 
  • Price fairly but well
  • Tell people you’re in business
  • Accept money!!
And you know where I learnt all of this – from the wonderful Leonie Dawson (who I am an affiliate for). Her Business Goddess e-course comes as part of the year’s subscription to the goddess circle, which is great for meeting new, likeminded business networkers, clients and collaborators. 
A  big heads up… She is doubling her prices on July 2nd, so if you’ve been wondering about joining, get in fast for only $99.

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