The nearest thing to telepathy…

What’s the point in blogging anyway?

This has been going round my head a lot at the moment. On good days I’d list inspiration, information and a tribe/ community of like minded people. Blogging has changed my life, and those of so many others.

But preparing to teach blogging for the first time I find myself in an existential crisis of minor proportions: Why would you write your most public thoughts for the world to read? Do I have enough followers? How many is “enough” anyway? Do I spend too long blogging…or not enough? Why haven’t any of my posts gone stratospheric recently? Do my earlier readers prefer the emotional and mothering outbursts of truth-telling whereas now I’m talking more about writing and art and working… How much is a blog MY space, and how much do I owe you, dear reader, to write what YOU want to hear?

All these thoughts and more…How I wish I had 50,000 page views a day, which (apparently!!) makes you considered a viable “platform” in publishing. How I wish I could be wittier, more succinct, have more of interest to say, to package it better…

I was turning into my own worst enemy.

And then I was sent my sister’s blog and it was like fresh air and sunshine. And I got blogging again. Really got what it’s all about. The sense of a person’s inner world that you have no idea about. The wonder and joy in realising that you are not alone in your own deep thoughts and private concerns. Thoughts that you would never know most other people had – even those closest to you!

Sure it can be competitive, pushy, all absorbing. But isn’t it marvellous, really? This free form of communication, heart to heart, soul to soul, around the world. It is the nearest we humans have gotten to telepathy. What an incredible medium it is! Long live the blogosphere!

What does blogging and the blogosphere mean to you. And how are you feeling about this blog right now? For a previous post on blogging and community see here

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