The Blessing of Money

PurpleDo you consider yourself blessed?

We live as energetic beings in a body and world of form. To be fully healthy and balanced we cannot deny either part. And yet we do!

Often those of us who walk the path of spirituality, can get to feeling really uncomfortable about the world of form. We feel, or are told, that it is a “lower” realm, of “base” interests, which can trap and defile us. It is our job to transcend it. We must shun money, worldly possessions. We have camels and needles quoted at us ( often by hideously wealthy patriarchs…)

Oh sister, I’ve been there. And you know what, it’s partly true. Ultimately all material things will pass away, you are not your wealth. We humans have the constant ability to confuse who we are with what we do and what we have. but once you have become vigilant of that delusion, the reality is that we are here, living our lives in form.

Money is a part of that world of forms.Shunning it cuts you out of the game, it disempowers your vast potential to do good. You see, if you don’t make money, then you’re always worrying where the money that you need to live will come from, so all your energy and anxiety goes there, rather than into all the good, all the creative miracles you could be creating in the world.

Physics tells us everything exists in wave and particle form.

Money is no different. It is a thing and an energy. Both.

As with anything in the world of forms, it exists in duality. It can be a blessing or a curse. Our role as people of values, people of spirit is to learn how to interact mindfully with the world of forms, to use it for the blessing and benefit of the most.This is where money in our system has gone wrong. It is not money that is wrong, it is that it is not used as a blessing for the majority.

In response to the mindlessness we perceive around us we can get angry, or cut ourselves off. Through our self righteousness we disempower ourselves.It is our mission to keep the energy, the money, the love moving, blessing everyone we can. Not being irresponsible by denying our needs. Nor hoarding, for when we take more than we need we become bloated.

In order to give, we also need to practice receiving. Something which we womenfolk are particularly poor at: Payment, compliments, offers of support, gifts of love… How are YOU at receiving?

Often we are blocked both ways- in allowing the spirit energy to come out through us into the world through our creativity (because we are scared, feel small or worthless) and also allowing the spirit and material things to come back to us in return. This is my life’s work, it seems, both the doing, and teaching of it!

It’s NOT about how MUCH you have (in the my willy is bigger than yours ego driven money culture we have.) rather it’s about having enough to live your life with grace and ease. Having enough to fully support you in your being.

It’s not about money in the bank. It is about full abundance and knowing, feeling this. You can be rich and feel poor. You can be financially poor, as we are now, and yet feel rich in your life, abundant in possibilities.

Money is our current form of interaction. By all means find other more meaningful forms of energy exchange- barter, skill swapping. (More of which later in the week.) To me this unofficial economy is strong amongst family friends and like minded people. We all get a real buzz out of the real interaction, the genuine giving of our gifts and receiving of others. It is a powerful and empowering form of interaction.

However, the outer world revolves around money. So by cutting yourself off from financial abundance, you cut yourself off from the greater world and the possibilities it offers: last time I checked the electricity company didn’t take massage in lieu!

Money can be power…. for good, beauty, joy, healing, growth and sustainable community. let us embrace this fully, rather than shunning money because of the fears and shadows it stirs in us.

I have learnt something really important about money recently… Previously I have resisted and rejected the idea of having wealth. It made me feel guilty (more on guilt tomorrow!) I had lots of negative associations with wealthy people. The rich who used their money to squander earth’s precious resources, indulge themselves and abuse others. But wait….If the money is in good hands – ie yours, dear one! – and mine- then you choose how to use it for good. Then you empowered to live your values a whole lot bigger. You can support all the good people and causes you know. You can empower and fuel the greatness in the world.

Perhaps we take it all a little seriously. Perhaps money is just a hand in the game of life. A game to be played with fun and ease. Rather than worrying about every penny we do or do not have. Instead seeing rainbow streams of abundance coming in to you from all sides – both monetary and not. Abundance in all its forms showering you, blessing you. Not one river of income, controlled by someone else that can be dammed or diverted at someone elses whim.

But we are also right to take money seriously. Money is a source of power. Money is a really accurate barometer of how you value yourself.It is also an illusion, as the western world, that has been held in its thrall for so long, is beginning to see. What comes next is emerging. We live in exciting times. But for now, let us take our power in our hands, let us share our abundance, learn to know our value, let us be the vessels through which it is redistributed to make the sort of sustainable, caring, beautiful world we hold so dear in our dreams.

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