Kick start your creativity/ blogging/ tech prowess

Excuse me if I’m a little breathless!

I have just discovered the most amazing deal for all you writers, creatives and entrepreneurs out there. In fact bought it myself as soon as I saw it and have been downloading the e books, videos, courses and MP3s since.

I just HAD to share it with you because I could not believe the quality, the amount of top names involved, or the price…

Seriously people! These are the contributors…

And the price? €100!!!!!

Yes, seriously, 90% off over $1000 dollars worth of products to start or amp up your creative, full-of-soul business including:  

  • tools for better blogging, 
  • guidance on building a passion-based business, 
  • ethical selling, 
  • a personal MBA course,
  • turning your hobby into a business, 
  • how to create i-phone apps, 
  • building courage and confidence, 
  • ways to sell your work for artists and writers,
  • getting published… 


I have been looking at a variety of courses and e books like this for a long while now and the I found CHEAPEST was $149 for 1. This is only $100 for 18!!! One of the stars of the show is Susannah Conway’s, Blogging from the Heart, which I have had my eye on for a long time. It’s worth $149 by itself!

I am, as so many of you know, so passionate about running a full-of-heart business and this really is an incredible deal that I really wanted to share it with you. 

There are only about 50 hours left on this 72 hour deal so you have to act fast!  

Even better you get a real, hardcopy book AS WELL – shipped anywhere in the world!  

If you order via my links here you pay the same and I get a kiss of abundance from them. As you know, I never recommend anything I don’t have and love myself. 


And even better – to say thank you and hurray, I want to give you a FREE e-version of my book Moon Time – a guide to celebrating your menstrual cycle. Just forward me your dated receipt via email and I will send you my e book

Join me in getting support and advice from a whole host of experts in their field, take that next step in launching your creative dreams.

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