The road less traveled

Every day that I walk down to work in the tea house, the winding muddy path through the woods, my own road less traveled, these words run through my mind.

I know them in every cell of my body.

I know the conventional me that I could have been, should have been in the eyes of the world – the PhD, the job in academia, having a proper job, not getting married too young, or having kids too young, for that matter. I certainly should have had them in a hospital, and not breastfed them half too long. And once I had kids the pressure to “just” be a mother started. The pressure to be a good woman, take care of my family and let my own dreams slide.

I know all this.

And give thanks for the courage it has taken, to walk the road less traveled.

Have you taken the road less traveled in your own life?
Was it worth it?
Or if not, how might you take the first step down it?

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