How to glow!

I am glowing.

Remember my posts two weeks ago about wondering how/ if I should lose weight. They were very popular. They seemed to strike a chord. Many thanks to you all for your cheerleading as I dedicated myself to making my health more vibrant.

Well you know what? I’ve lost 3 and a half pounds in 10 days! Yippee!  And I’m feeling good.

My trade secrets? You won’t believe me! OK, I’ll tell you, but don’t laugh… fairies and grapefruit. Yes, it’s true!

It was Rachel who suggested that I add in nutritious and fat burning foods: kale, spinach, green tea, grapefruit (which zanily, my two little girlies ADORE as much as me – double surprise!) and smoothies. Which I have done!

And thanks to Motherfunker – I am upping the exercise and water intake.

And really, truly I am not dieting – simply loving myself with food, and my choices. There is still chocolate, and ice cream and cookies – just not as much – and more salad and veggies and protein.

And exercise- let’s talk exercise – this is not “no pain, no gain”, self flagellation on a treadmill -oh no! This is joyous movement to make your heart pump and your spirit soar: bellydancing in the sunshine, walking the cliffs with my best friend in the world, bouncing on the trampoline with my kids, cycling down to the beach to make a labyrinth, and my trade secret – doing my 4 year old’s “Dance Like the Flower Fairies” DVD with her every day since her birthday!

And now I’m ready for stage two: project uber-glow. Leonie over at Goddess Guidebook has a Radiant Goddess 21 day program starting on May 1st – with oodles of inspiration, love and a mainly raw, wheat nad meat free vibrant menu guide for three weeks and a support network of other women who are doing it too! I looked at it before when I was feeling shitty and we were heading into autumn – and just thought no “I can’t”. In fact looking back, I felt that about EVERYTHING!  But now the sun is here, and I’ve made a good start myself, and the fresh produce is getting more local and I yearn for freshness and more fruit and veg goodness, I am longing for a little loving guidance and encouragement to really fill my body up with vitality.

So I’m jumping in.The way I look at it I can fast and be a grouch for a day and then eat double to make up for it. Or I can do this – fill myself brim full of nutrients, learn some new habits, some new recipes, get some moral support. And when it’s over then see where I go from there!

Anyone joining me? Goddess circle members get it for free- just sign up! Those of you who are not part of the Circle can take part for $89 or join the Goddess Circle for a year for just $10 more, with access to all her incredible goodies, including the Business Goddess E Course which was the impetus behind every major thing which I have done this year: the book, the self publishing, the making art, selling art, setting up The Happy Womb – all thanks to the sparkly, feisty, practical guidance of the wonderful Leonie. This woman is a well-head of wisdom and an ocean of knowledge.

NB (If you sign up to any of her stuff via me you pay the same, and I get a lovely, juicy kiss of abundance from her! We all win!)

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