What life taught me today

I am brave. I really am.

There’s no point writing a book and then not wanting people to read it. Apparently if you write a book then you do believe in it… and yourself on some level. So stop doing battle with yourself. Let everyone know you have a book…and let them decide if they want to buy it! No really! You do not need to make apologies for it…and if people say it’s good they mean it. They could just say nothing.

To be gentle and forgiving of myself. Other people tend to be a lot nicer to me, than I am to myself.

I have many, many supporters in this world, and touch many lives for good. I have inspired 5 women to get painting again. And have taught a lot of women more about their cycles, and the Crazy Woman.

I don’t always get it right. Understatement! But I live to love and laugh another day.

What did life teach you today?

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