Sun-Day Blessings

An unseasonably warm weekend. A bonfire barbecue last night shared with friends: spatchcock chicken with rosemary, lemon and garlic, sausages, summer salads and marshmallows toasted on sticks. Washed down with a glass – or three- of Pimms.

Another sunny day today. Morning has broken, like the first morning…Whizzing down the road to the beach and a labyrinth in the sand ( wont you join me)

Finding a way forward in family communications using the tools of council sharing which I have learnt from women’s group.

And now for a couple of hours quiet painting.

My gratitude for all this overflows. None of it is inevitable.

Holding in my heart the mothers in Toulouse. May they let themselves be wrapped in the Madonnas cloaks of all the women encircling them as they grieve.

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