I am brave!

I am brave.

These past weeks and months, this has been my mantra.
Though a lot of the time I really don’t feel it. I keep on doing it.
Enough of fear being my best friend. My comfort zone is now a far distant land, somewhere near Kazhakstan.
What scares me? Putting myself out there to be criticised. Making contact. Risking rejection. Making new friends. Asking for money. Talking about women’s things. Conflict. Writing. Painting. Not knowing if we’re going to have enough money to get through the year. Calling myself a writer/ creative.
Just little things. Except they’re as big as the Himalayas! To others they may seem little things. But they are my peaks of courage, my initiations.
So here I am, with sword in hand, courage in heart, swiping though the brambles of fear…
In Flora Bowley’s wonderful Bloom True painting course that I am doing this week the topic is BRAVE! She says that you have to be prepared to get out of your comfort zone to get to the place where magic can happen. So true. I am loving painting again, but oh goddess did it take courage to get started.

My book: Moon Time: a guide to celebrating your menstrual cycle is officially OUT. This is brave on so many levels – brave topic, brave personal writing, brave self publishing, brave first book, and then having to be brave, write PR and ask people to buy it!
It’s on Amazon.com and .co.uk (though please don’t buy from the UK site as I am not getting a penny from it), from the Book Depository, Moon Times and soon from Susun Weed’s Wise Woman Book store. This required more courage than you could imagine.
So I’ll be brave, and ask you, dear reader, take a chance on my little book, it might just change your life. It’ll certainly put you back in contact with your cycle and creativity and other women.
Please do buy from me at The Happy Womb! I would be delighted to sign a copy for you and write a personal dedication.
Please accept this discount as a little thank you for being a devoted reader DAMTB and to entice you to buy it from me in the place that best supports me and my family’s finances.
This week I feel just how brave we are being taking a financial chance on my creativity as the bills mount, and the money is yet to come in.
A book I had ordered weeks ago: The Courage to Teach by Parker Palmer arrived yesterday. Getting back into teaching, teaching my stuff, woman-craft, from the heart is taking massive courage. My dear soul sister Tracy and I will be teaching our first workshop on April 15th in Cork City. The topic: touching your power, but  of course!
Today I am sending off emails to big names – Ina May Gaskin’s interview questions (to appear in The Irish Examiner and JUNO), Lynn Andrews to get permission to quote for the next book. Scary, scary – shaky hands and butterflies in my stomach!
And so synchronicity of course, Goddess Leonie’s latest blog postpopped into my inbox today – all about courage – what a truly inspiring, and brave woman she is! Do take a moment to check it out
How are you being brave in your life? Do you really own your courage? Where are you right now in relation to your comfort zone? Feel the fear… and do it anyway!
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