Funding my habit…

You know I love painting, right? In fact I spent the whole of today painting, and looked up and it was five o’ clock already. Thought I’d share the pics, before I tell you my big plan!

Painting has become quite a habit, and not a cheap one. So like any addict, I need to find a way to fund my habit…

So, I have decided to do my very first, very own painting exhibition. Woohoo! Rainbow streamers!

Now this is top secret news – between you and me, because I haven’t asked the venue yet…and they don’t read this blog –  but they’d better say yes because they’re family and my paintings rock!

So there you have it – the year of abundant rainbows is where its at – painting – and making some moolah from it … hopefully!

Plan to sell the paintings themselves and greetings cards made from them there – and I might just zap an etsy store together so the online world can buy prints and cards – wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

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