When it all goes right

This past few days has been so extraordinarily wonderful, that I feel called to do a mid week, extended joy pockets, to give up my gratitude to the universe.

But first, a disclaimer. What I am about to say, as far as the gods of retribution and cosmic playfulness are concerned, is not true. None of it. Ye gods who snigger into your beards as you hear mere mortals confidently tell their friends that their child is sleeping through the night/ not tantruming any more… or in my case… weaned!
Yes, (I’ll whisper very quietly). I think we’re done. After 8 months of on again off again wanting to be finished breastfeeding. My lactational career has come to a close.  We are both as ready as we can be. And it’s been reasonably fine.(AWFUL, HIDEOUS – ye gods – do you hear me ?!)  
So on Saturday night, when the older kiddies were having a sleep over at the grandparents, I got my first full night’s sleep in months. Oh my goodness I felt human the next morning! And could see why people enjoy parenting!! (WHEN WILL THIS CHILD SLEEP OH GODS?!)
The doors seem to be opening for my little book. In so many places – places to sell it and big people who are willing to share it with their people, and magazines willing to review. I am amazed/ humbled/ grateful… BUT WILL IT SELL?
This morning I was gifted, by some dear friends, with a place on a one day food writing course with Hugo Arnold, at the Ballymaloe Cookery School – home to Darina Allen and Rachel Allen (just next door to the Pink House). It’s this Saturday – if anyone out there harbours a secret dream to be the next Nigella – as I do – why not join me – I know there’s a couple more places available
It have been out in the garden, planting up our bank with nasturtiums, strawberries, monbretia,  fuschia and elder. Surrounded by bobbing tiny tom daffodils, peeping primroses and dainty wood anemones.

And of course painting. Did I tell you quite how much I love painting?

But shh! Don’t tell the gods. It’s our little secret!

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