Creative calls for submission

Spring is springing inside and out. 

There are a number of exciting collaborative projects which I have been invited to be part of, and which I want to share with you. 

So dust off your creative juices – if you paint or draw, write poems, reflections or essays, if you take photographs…why not get involved too? This is your chance to share your work.

Whether you’re an established creative, looking for a wider audience, or a novice who has been waiting for just the “right” moment to put your stuff out there – then this could be it. 

The six collaborative projects below are looking for material on: breastfeeding, mothering, birth, pregnancy, soul work, book reviews, nature wisdom, transition culture ideas, the sacred feminine…

None offer monetary payment. All offer the opportunity to get your work out to a wider audience. Many offer a copy of the book you are included in. Many offer the opportunity to give to the greater good by supporting charities and grassroots co operatives.

There are three books on motherhood, two diaries and a website:

Musings on Mothering – La Leche League GB anthology

Deadline: end February 2012. 
Contact: Teika Bellamy
The book will consist of words and art (in any kind of medium) and I plan to divide the contributions into these six areas:

1. Pregnancy and Birth

On the hopes, dreams and anxieties of the mother-in-waiting, and the life-changing experience of birth.

2. Babymoon
On life with your amazing newborn.
3. Everyday life
On the realities and rewards of mothering through breastfeeding, and beyond.
4. Extraordinary times
On powerful times, both happy and sad.
5. Remembering mothers
On nostalgia, childhood and mummy cuddles.
6. Thanking fathers
Or anyone who has supported a breastfeeding mother.
As the title of the anthology suggests, any kind of thoughts, musings, or personal stories about mothering would be welcome.
See here for submission guidelines 

Motherfunker’s Guide to Pregnancy and Birth

Deadline: end February 2012. 
Contact: Paula Clery – aka Motherfunker –

A non-preachy, technicoloured, artistic and pretty. A realistic snapshot of pregnancy and birth for mamas and papas to be, with a good dose of nitty gritty as well as the beautiful, happy, pretty side of things. One for the ravers, goths, punks, bon-viveurs, hippies and indie types that your Miriam Stoppard type preggie book is not going to appeal to. There’s already some beautiful hippy books for hippy-minded maidens like myself but not a lot going on for the wider ‘alternative’ audience.

I want to acknowledge the fact that a woman having a baby in this day and age is likely to have had a more colourful past than in days gone by. I want to acknowledge that a pregnant mother is not just some blank slate incubator, but a real live person with experiences! Good, bad and everything in between.

I want to acknowledge and talk about how women feel about being pregnant after:

– having an abortion

– taking drugs or frequently drinking a lot of alcohol 
– being raped or sexually abused

– having an affair or relationship problems

– being declared infertile

– having an amazing job

– being adopted 
– experimenting with sexuality – bisexual or lesbian experiences

– self harming or having anorexia/ bulimia

– having suffered only miscarriages so far

I want the book to be able to talk about the stuff you wouldn’t dream of discussing at antenatal classes. Stuff that you couldn’t share easily with newly made mummy friends. Stuff you would feel uncomfortable discussing with your midwife. See here for submission guidelines  

Two diaries which I love – I have contributed to Earth Pathways for 3 years now. This will be my first approach to We’Moon.

We’Moon Diary 2014
Topic: Radical Balance – see their site for a full imagining of possible approaches to this topic.
Deadline: Sept 1 2012 
What they’re looking for: 
Eight pieces of writing maximum. 

Prose is limited to 350 words;
Poetry should not exceed 35 lines (12 words/line). 

Art and photos too

See here for submission guidelines  

Compensation: for each published piece of art or writing is two complimentary We’Moon datebooks.
All published contributors will get a 40% discount off the purchase price of We’Moon 2014 products

Earth Pathways Diary 2014
Deadline: Oct 31st 2012 

UK and Irish residents only
What they’re looking for:  

5 pieces of creative work, 250-300 words, art and photos too on celebrating our connection to earth, spirit, community and seasons See here for submission guidelines 
Compensation: 1 diary per piece accepted

And two of my own projects:

How to be a Creative Rainbow Mama
For which I am looking for any final creative mamas to share their experiences of balancing creating and mama-hood. 
For the questionnaire, see here

And  finally, The Happy Womb
See here for submission guidelines 
The Happy Womb welcomes YOU, with all your wonderful talents and contributions! We accept guest posts on:

  • herbs for women’s healing
  • finding your own wisdom
  • fertility issues
  • pregnancy and birth
  • women’s circles
  • creativity
  • book reviews
  • poetry
  • art
  • photography
  • images of craft

Posts should be no longer than 1000 words and have accompanying images. Please familiarise yourself with our style and content before submitting. Please note that whilst we share ideas and wisdom we do not push “one right way” nor judge people who choose differently. Please ensure that you post is written in compassion and respect for all those who might read it, wherever on their life journey they might be.We also accept creative work on the theme of womanhood which will be featured in our gallery space:

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