Here it is….

At last.

After weeks of editing and seeking copyright permissions. It’s here. The e-version of my new baby. My very first book.

 Moon Time: A guide to celebrating your menstrual cycle
For sale exclusively from

15% discount for the next two weeks 

Usual price £6.99  (15% discount brings it to approximately $8.50/ €7.00)

ü  10% of proceeds go to The Red Tent Movie, 90% go to establishing East Cork’s first Red Tent.

ü  Consists of 118 A4 pages- bursting with inspiring and beautiful colour images – including my own photography, original artwork, examples of red tents and a simple moon dial.

ü  Read it on the go on your laptop or i-pad, or print it off at home.

ü  Ready to print PDF format.

ü  Cheaper cover price than the paperback, no postage to pay,  environmentally friendly.

ü  Instant delivery on payment, no need to wait for postage.

ü  Click through the internet links and resources directly.

The first 100 customers get a 25% discount voucher for the paperback version, so you can upgrade to hard copy for yourself, or give a copy to a friend. 
(This will be sent to you by email when the print version comes out in late February.)

OK, great sales pitch… but what’s the book about Lucy?

Well, this is the first of the Woman-craft TM collection of books, which will share the art of being a woman that your mother never taught you.
Chapters include:

  • l  Our Cycles: Archetypal Insight
  • l  PMT busters
  • l  The seasons of Womanhood
  • l  Menarche: First Periods
  • l  Nutritional and Herbal Healing
  • l  Putting the Moon back into Menstruation
  • l  Finding our Voices
  • l  Honouring Our Moon Time
  • l  Red Tents and Moon Lodges
This beautifully written, highly practical guide shares:

  • l  creative tools to help you celebrate your cycle
  • l  rituals for self-care
  • l  nutritional and herbal suggestions
  • l  spiritual/ wise woman insight
It will empower you to experience:

  • l  deeper harmony with yourself and your cycle
  • l  natural ways of dealing with PMT
  • l  a greater connection to the moon’s cycles
  • l  ways to celebrate your daughter’s impending womanhood
  • l  the creation of your own red tent or moon lodge
  • l  healthy, happy menstruation
Want to have a sneaky peek? The introduction and an integrated menstrual chart are available to view here.
Here’s what other women (heroines of mine!) are saying about it:

Monumental… so important for women… Your book joins the momentum of changing the paradigms and shifting what will come.”

ALisa Starkweather, founder of Red Tent Temple Movement


A beautiful and inspiring book full of practical information and ideas.”
Miranda Gray, Red Moon


“Moon Time is a beautifully written resource for deepening your connection with your cycle. This book could change your life!”
Rachael Hertogs, editor of Thirteen Moons and author Menarche: A Journey to Womanhood


She is one of the special whisperers, who helps us to remember our own power and sacredness as played out in our cycles. Through her writing she initiates a dialogue with her readers. Her writing empowers her readers to have a voice to respond. This is a remarkable gift to us.”
Tracy Evans, PhD researcher on women’s rites of passage, University of Aberystwyth

“‘Moon Time’ is a revelation! How could I be forty years old and know so little about a cycle that defines me? Reading this book felt like having a wise and loving older friend cherish me whilst guiding me through my most intimate world. This newfound insight gives me the emotional vocabulary to, in turn, cherish both myself and my three future-cycling daughters. What a beautiful gift to us all!” 

Meadhbh O’Leary

Thank you ALL for your support and enthusiasm for this project. I hope it brings you joy, balance, self acceptance, community and nurturance into your life.

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