A wild woman riding the waves

It occurs to me as I get buffeted by the storm winds of life, that all this is really research for my writing. I have learned not to panic, not to freak out, not to go running for help when it all gets a little choppy.

My books are grounded in my soul, my being, my experience, my knowing. And whilst I research deeply around the edges to bring the experiences of other women, and other writers, scientists and ancient wisdom in too, they are grounded in my own journey.

I notice that when I am creating, when I am gestating a new work, the storm winds rise. I get to live out what I am writing about. My life becomes the crucible of alchemical research.

Life: You’re writing about the crazy woman/ retreat/ moon cycles/ being a creative mama? Well don’t just do it from your head, HERE, THIS is the crazy woman! This is creative mama! Don’t preach, don’t be blase, don’t rationalise or smooth her complexities. Live it and then write it from the trenches. There is your wisdom, that is your job. Mine the experience, bring back the gold, the insight, the jewel of madness, that is your gift.

And so, dearest reader, be it on this blog, or in my books which are emerging and unfolding, this is my sacred promise to you – there is no nicey-nicey, no expert, just a wild woman riding the waves, and taking notes as she goes, to help you to ride your own.

I think it might be easier to work in a shop, or be a bus conductor.

But instead, this is my calling, this is my soul work that brings me riches on every level.

And I love it with all my heart.

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