What are you giving yourself during this season of celebration?

The tree is up, the nature table is adorned, as is the mantle piece. The fairy lights are up, the door wreath and advent wreaths smelling of evergreen glory. Presents bought, cards to be written this week (we managed to get one of the last boxes of handmade cards I talked about here), that’s before I even think about menu planning and shopping, and planning the craft for our women’s group Christmas craft tea this Sunday. Yup, Christmas is coming and mama’s getting panicked all over again!

The Christmas rush has started – and though I love and adore it, and love to do it in homemade style – there’s no denying it can be pretty exhausting and overwhelming making sure that everything is taken care of.

When really, the most important thing to take care of is… yup, YOU! Your health, your happiness, your sanity!

So I ask you – what are you giving yourself?

Last week I talked about giving myself gifts each Christmas and birthday – and you know what, I think it’s vital. It doesn’t have to be expensive at all – but it has to be something which makes your heart sing, your  spirit shine and your soul glow. It has to make you feel WOW! 

It might be a full body massage. Or a glossy book you don’t need, but you really want. Or a meal out… for one. Or a painting class. Or a meditation retreat. Or if you need someone to take you by the hand and sing some love into your soul – and guide you along the way of self care then I’ve got something for you. Something amazing.

Daphne Cohn Holiday Gift Pack

This incredible holiday gift pack includes: Goddess Leonie’s 2012 Goddess Year book ( for more on that read on!), meditations, interviews, MP3s, e-books, teleconference, a vision board… 17 gifts in total to get you feeling good in your body, loved up in your relationship, visioning for the year ahead, creating energy for yourself… There is so much good stuff in there I don’t even know where to start.

With gifts from 14 influential women like Gabrielle Bernstein, Amy Ahlers, Jennifer Louden, Goddess Leonie, LiYana Silver and more! Please, go, right now, this instant and check it out!

But what is I love about this package, is that its creator Daphne understands that though we all may want to feel like a million dollars, we don’t have that to spend on self care. And so,  for the next 72 hours, it’s all for the price you pick. That’s right, you choose what you can afford! Which is why I am sharing it with you. Or perhaps it would make a wonderful Christmas gift for your mother, or sister…

Or just get a 2012 Goddess Yearbook by itself direct from Leonie – perhaps one for your best friend too! Or one for your women’s group to share?

Although they come free with the Goddess Circle membership, I only printed off, and filled my 2011 one out a month ago, because I was like – meh! I’m not printing that out, I’ll do it in my head… but oh my, the colour, the zizzy inspiringness, I love the way it gets you into a visioning mindset of co-creating the year ahead, and blessing the year behind. It is pure goodness in technicolour hand-illustrated, paper form. I LOVE it! In fact, I am heading off right now to print off my 2012 Yearbook – steaming hot off the press!

Really, as you know, I recommend the circle membership – because you get ALL her goodies for one price. But if you wanted a little taster, the cheapest way in to try Leonie’s stuff and see if it is for you. If you want to dream big and bold for 2012, then this is for you!

And talking of hot off the press – the December issue of Wild Sister e-zine is out – this month’s theme is Celebrate. If you need a little, instant cheer me up and soul surge inspiration, then this is for you. You can pick up the first three issues for the bargain price of AUS$8 right here!

For even more lovely goodies, do check out my post on supporting women’s craft this Christmas.

What are YOU giving yourself this holiday season? Take care of YOU.

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