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Apparently there’s something called mercury retrograde happening right now, which, if you’re into astrology, means that everything stalls, goes backwards or generally buggers up.

I can say without a doubt that this is true.
Listening to other people moan about their technical problems is about as tiresome as listening to them give out about their partner. 
So I won’t. But let’s just say this week the Happy Womb has been re built three times, went AWOL on numerous occasions, changed hosts, changed software, drove me cuckoo.
OK, sorry, a little moan, but now to share what I have learned, to save any of my dear readers the same stress if you find yourself in a similar situation. I will break it down into simple parts and share my e-love with you…

1) Did you know WordPress is not just WordPress? Oh yes. There are two: and Am I the only idiot who did not know this?
If you want a personal blog. You go for .com.  Like blogger but sharper and more modern looking. It is free software and free hosting.
If you want to build a site for a business. Basically if you want to be able to earn money from your site using a shopping cart, the is what you need.
Simples… no?
2) Well, no. Because to use WordPress. org you need a HOST for your domain. You also need a URL. Which you can buy via them, or many other places. So I had my URL ( But now it was parked on
3) So to find a host – there are hundreds out there. And they cost. Between $50 and $150 for a simple package. Where to start?
Well I can say, without a shadow of a doubt – go with HostGator – they are in the top 10 hosts,they are some of the most affordable packages, they have won masses of prizes, but best of all, and this is INVALUABLE – if you get in a pickle – which I did every day for four days, you have instant free support – by free phone in the US, and by instant messaging. And they’re SO nice, and SO helpful. And rather than doing the whole “computer says no” routine. They understand what’s wrong. And then fix it online for you in minutes. They fix all the things that you have spent 24 hours singlehandedly buggering up. For free. And I didn’t ever have to wait for more that 3 mins for service. They are open 24/7 – and staffed by the sort of young men you would definitely bring home to meet the parent – if you weren’t already married. If you’re in the market for a domain host – do not think twice – just step their way.
HostGator also has an easy to use control panel and one click installation of most of the software you need to use.

4) And then I got my knickers in a knot about images – for the website and the e book cover. And then I thought, you know what Lucy, you don’t HAVE to do it all yourself. So I started looking for images. I know there’s loads of great image sites out there. But I loved this Dreamstime. Because there were loads of great, and affordable images to buy, but also the best free library I’ve come across in my searches. There are lots of creative images and designs too. And they can be used on blogs, ebooks and real books free of charge. I got these images for free from there!

5) Then I was wondering how do you put together an e-book cover so that it looks the real deal – and found this – it looks a great resource on all aspects of blogging too.

6) And finally, I wouldn’t be embarking on any of this if it was not for the inspiration and practical goldmine which is Leonie’s Business Goddess e book 

So there we have it a round up of my techie week.

I would love to have your feedback as I compile The Happy Womb – I love this image of hands making a heart over a womb – it says love, happy, womb and woman to me – but I don’t want it to seem like it’s just a pregnancy site…Because it’s far broader –  It’s about womancraft – see the first post up – so our fertility, creativity, self care, honouring our bodies, and celebrating being women – red tents, womens circles…

I wondered about making it rich and red – like a womb space or a red tent – but there are a lot up like that. I though pink – but I know a lot of alternative women are anti pink – I am currently going for light and clear…

What do you love in a website, and what do you hate? Dark colours or light. Flash screens or simple? I would really value your input…

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