Joy Pockets

Sharing this week’s gratitudes

Bedtime family dancing to The Gipsy Kings
Twinkling fairy lights
Walking home from a creative day’s “work” to a roast chicken cooked for me
Baby Ash playing air guitar! Yes really!
Homemade chips
Our boy’s pidgin Spanish picked up from said Gipsy kings CD
A winter chill in the air 
Fluffy socks
Making hot chocolate on top of our wood burning stove 
Playing Christmas carols (badly) on the piano and everyone singing along
My chilli n holly wreath on the front door – it makes me smile every time I see it
A 99% finished book. The first ever – I’ve started 7 in my life!
3 little kiddies – perfect in every way – most of the time!
A husband who understands everything – well me and WordPress – the two most complex things on the planet
And you? I’d love to hear your joy pockets for the week. Share them below in the comments or link up here with me and with Mon over at Holistic Mama

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