Beware the troll!

Who’s that trip trapping over my bridge?

Well bugger off! I’m too tired to eat you.

I feel as much like Christmas as… I’m too tired for metaphors. Is it just extreme tiredness, two migraines in a week and a deaf right ear, or is it getting older that makes me so unenthused about Xmas this year? I can see it out there – but I don’t feel it. At all. And I feel bad for my kiddies. I feel bad for us all, because we had such a wash out of a Christmas last year because of sickness, so I’ve been looking forward to making up for it all year. And now I’m not.

Everyone’s cranky. Me most so. Girlies were out of sorts all last week – tantrums and wakeful nights all round. Mr Dreaming Aloud can be quoted as saying “the novelty of having little kids is wearing mighty thin”.

I am in full agreement.

A little secret for you – last week’s Joy Pockets were written the Friday before – the last time I felt, what’s it called? – oh yes – joy – at being a mama.

I know I get like this when I’m super-mega-tired. I know I get like this when I’m sick. I know I get like this when I’ve had to be touching a baby every second of the night otherwise she wakes up. I know I get like this when I’m at a critical part of a project and just want to concentrate on it. I know I get like this because my life is ordered in its totality around my kids and I am angry that Mr Dreaming Aloud’s isn’t in the same way.

Bah humbug.

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