How to be a creative mama

“With the arrival of my children has come the arrival of a new burst of creativity, something which many of the mothers I interviewed for my book (on Creative Rainbow Mamas) experienced too.

There are so few words about the real experience of mothering and the real experience of being a woman. We tend to lack the language, the courage, the sense of value to be able to give words to our realities and our dreams. My upcoming book is an attempt to put language to the reality of being the most fabulous, and misunderstood of creatures: a creative mother.

My first child was just four weeks old when I realised that I need to correct my creative/mother balance. I started to follow The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. Her morning pages exercise reconnecting me with my old sense of self, which through work, training (albeit in arts teaching), pregnancy and now mothering felt like a far-distant land, and one to which I had lost the return ticket…”

Lucy Pearce (aka Mrs Dreaming Aloud), being interviewed on the subject of creativity and motherhood. 

To read the whole interview, head over to Artisantopia (The Internet Filtered for Creative People), where you will find out:

  • How I weave my days
  • My views on TV and kids
  • More about my Creative Mama book, and other upcoming projects
  • What the mothers I interviewed for the book agree on… and what they hide
  • My key supports and tools for being a creative mama

See you there!

And if you haven’t contributed to my research on creative mamas it’s not too late – click here to find out more about how to contribute your experience to my book.

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  1. Michelle @Artisantopia
    Michelle @Artisantopia11-26-2011

    Lucy, thank you for letting me interview you, it was an honour! And I learnt so much from you about combining my chosen role of mum with my innate NEED to create. I can not wait until your book is available. Thank you again! Michelle @Artisantopia

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