An Experiment to Change the World

I am very excited to share with you this month’s issue of Wild Sister magazine which focuses on Gratitude; how to cultivate it, really feel it, share it, and live it.

You may remember me raving about it when I discovered it last month. Full of beautiful artwork, photography, inspiring, uplifting women’s words…

Well the editor, Jen, contacted me and asked if I could contribute to this month’s issue on Gratitude.

So of course I said yes!

Mine is the cover- “An Experiment to Change the World”

Visit their website via my blog to check it out for yourself, it costs you the same – and that way I get paid for my contribution! And whilst you’re there, why not take advantage of their super deal on back issues – I did and LOVED it!

Click here to visit Wild Sister.

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  1. Antoinette

    It looks great! I’ll definitely be checking this out. Love the cover art too! Thanks for the head’s up.

  2. Motherfunker

    Brilliant – was wondering how to buy it via here, so thanks!

  3. Angel wings and herb tea
    Angel wings and herb tea11-02-2011

    Hmm like the look of that, will be taking a look!
    Just had to say, really really loved your talk at the Worlds biggest summit….only just got round to listenng to it. And several moments of self recognisation ….I am creative rainbow woman! Phew, relief and reassurance and such wonderful wise words, thankyou

  4. Dreamingaloudnet

    Thanks Henrietta – the original blog post on Creative Rainbow Mamas is here if you haven’t seen it yet

  5. ahamsa

    Yeeey! Thanks for the link, as well. It looks awesome 🙂

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