I am officially a Kreativ Blogger

How wonderful to be awarded the Kreativ Blogger award – thank you McCrenshaw for your very kind words…

“I don’t know how I came across Dreaming Aloud, but I have become a big fan – to the point that missing a post in a day really sends an alarm off in my head! Lucy writes beautifully and truthfully. I am constantly amazed by her ability to put some of my own feelings into such magnificently worded posts. And her openness is raw – no making things “look right”, she tells it like it is. How many of us don’t fudge things a little to be more acceptable to society as a whole?

I am feeling the creative juices a-flowing a-plenty right now. Oh how good that feels. So it’s wonderful to be recognised for this at this moment in time.

So it is with great pleasure, and because it is a condition of accepting the award, that I share seven things you might not know about me…

1: I nearly quit this blog a number of times over the past few months… I’m really glad I didn’t, so great to be lovin’ it and inspired again.
2: I have an unhealthy Come Dine With Me habit. If you haven’t seen it, then steer clear, it’s as addictive as crack cocaine! Reality TV at its very worst.
3: My baby is STILL not weaned – four months and counting!
4: I have a REALLY exciting creative business plan brewing – but it’s still top secret!
5: I get so embarassed about telling people that I know that I am a writer. I hide it for as long as possible, then put myself down, assume everyone will be totally mocking and bleeeeughhhhh about what I write. For example, I handed a lovely neighbour-becoming-friend a copy of JUNO – which we all know I love, and then spent the rest of the conversation apologising for it. And you know the worst thing – I get so much lovely feedback about my writing, from people who owe me nothing. And I love my writing, when I’m in the flow. So why the shame?
6: I wanted to be the next Oprah!
7: I hate having to do this sort of thing it presses my “I’m not cool enough” and “I’m not funny enough” buttons.

So now… awarding it on… it’s going out to the blogs which I refer most to….

Apron Stringz – sassy, funny and wise urban hippy housewifery and food for thought – I love CJ so much I reckon she thinks I’m some creepy cyber-stalker.

Leonie at Goddess Guide Books – love the colours, love her truth telling, love her sass, her shiny positivity. If you haven’t yet, do check out her wonderfully honest post about birth and postnatal depression.

Keith Jennings over at Keitharsis is a creative blogger. He blogs about creativity… and he makes me think. He doesn’t know I read him, so this’ll be a bolt from the blue!

Laura at Nestled Under Rainbows… if she wasn’t my friend, I’d want her to be! She is the most creative person I know – check out her gorgeous Steiner dolls that she sells on etsy too!

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  1. Keith Reynold Jennings
    Keith Reynold Jennings10-11-2011

    Hi Lucy!

    Great to “meet” you! I’m so excited to start reading your blog. You appear to be a kindred spirit.

    Keep writing! (It’s okay to fantasize about quitting your blog. I do it all the time. Just ignore that voice and keep writing!)

  2. Laura

    Lucy you crack me up, and I am honored and flattered . big hugs… x x x

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