Yup! Over at Thrifty Christmas, it’s Christmas already. This wonderful site has a hundred and one ideas for Christmas craft and cooking for thrifty women… and as creative mamas know you have to start early if you’re making a handmade Christmas. Today’s guest post is by Dreaming Aloud! It’s all about Craft-teas which we started doing here in our corner of East Cork last year.

My dear friend Loo is hosting a monthly Christmas Craft tea this year for all us crafty mamas to get some creative time together minus kiddies. At our first I finally got started needle felting (and promptly went home and taught my kids) and I started the autumn nature boy. Then went home all fired up and made a clay nativity set. Loo learnt to crochet, and Anna taught her. And, of course, we ate homemade cake – thanks Loo, looking forward to the next one! Do you do something similar?

Do head over and check out my post, and whilst you’re there grab some great ideas for homemade Christmas presents.

A little more about Thrifty Christmas:
“Thrifty Christmas was an idea born from a conversation a couple of years ago on Twitter. A bunch of us were chatting and wanted to make home made Christmas presents which were simple, easy and heartfelt to make. After about 20 minutes we realised that it might not be a bad idea to pool all the ideas we’d had – sweets, flavoured vodkas, chutneys, candles etc and so Thrifty Christmas was born.

This is our third year and I’m hoping to make this more of a community project than ever. If you have any ideas you’d like to add I’ve attached a Linky on the front page and this year as I’ve created a whole site dedicated to Thrifty Christmas there is lots of space for guest bloggers, if you blog about gifts, crafts, children’s crafts, making decorations anything you like, it just needs to be Christmas related!  Just drop me an email with your post or a link to it to and I’ll add them to the site.

For those who aren’t crafty or those without the time this year I’ll also be putting up inexpensive ready bought Christmas Presents. So if you have an Etsy or Folksy store and have some cute items, let me know.

Why not contribute your own guest post or link up your etsy store?

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  1. Karien

    Love the idea of your craft tea! We dutchies don’t want to get Chistmassy too soon though, as we have to get our Sinterklaas celebrations on the 5th of december out of the way first (lots of baking to be done as in the UK I can’t get any of the goodies, what a terrible thing 😉 )
    But one thing we did this week in preparation for Christmas, we made some Sloe gin. A very first time, so very curious! Also made some spicy vodka liquor. Wonder how they will both turn out, patience is needed…

  2. Dreamingaloudnet

    Ohhhhh, we LOVE sloe gin in the Pink House!

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