Oh I do like to be beside the seaside…

These are the happy summer days of future memories. When the days were always sunny and we were free…
When life was a circus

And we were pirates… and painted our own flags

If not a walk in the park, life was a day on the beach. We count our lucky stars that we live just a mile or so from the shore. Come wind or rain, summer or winter you’ll find us there, digging, walking, foraging, being…
A-fishing we will go. Timmy discovered he has inherited his mother’s talents for shrimping, five in his first swish of the net. Then mama caught a crab as big as his hand.

What’s that on the horizon?
Let’s go fly a kite – if it’s windy we’re always happy!

We stayed longer than expected, and mama had forgotten snacks… is she weaned yet? I’ll let her answer that one!

Sand on her little red shoes

And a stick man with a really long willy!

We will remember them as happy days. We will forget the screaming and the hitting and the tantrums and the paint everywhere, the whinging and the throwing food around the room and knocking over drink after drink, and frazzled tempers and feeling overwhelmed.

For these truly are the best days of our lives. 

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  1. Karien

    the beach, the beach… I grew up on the beach but managed to select the spot in the uk fartest from it. it makes my long for my youth!

  2. Motherfunker

    Magic! X

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