Myriad ways of coping with blue days

When you feel like you’re not yourself anymore.
Dried up, dead inside.
Tired and overwhelmed.
Despondent and blue.
When the voices in your head are raining hell on you.
Here’s some suggestions of what to do
My self care 101…
(Do click through the links for more inspiration and soul balm)
Right where you are.
Stop and breathe.
Scream out loud or mutter under your breath.
Burst into tears. Yes even at the bank manager. Or your boss. Or on the bus.
It won’t kill them!
And commit to self-care for as long as it takes.
It can all wait.
It can.
Perhaps you need to start by curling into a ball. 
Pulling the blankets over your head.
And sleeping.
Or sobbing.
Or just being.
Do this until the world spins a little slower. And then…
Change your scene.
Get yourself out of your head.
Take a walk some place invigorating.
A beach, a mountain, a lake, a park, a babbling brook
Somewhere where you can see green… not red.
Lie in the sun or snuggle by a fire and do nothing. Just be.
Breathe in love, breathe out pain.
Get a hug from a friend.
Have a slice of cake… but not the whole cake!
Some flowers– picked yourself if you can, letting your intuition draw you to them.
And some herbs, in a vase, in tea, in your pocket – lavender, chamomile, rosemary, sage to clear the head.
A herbal tea– chamomile or lemon balm to soothe the nerves.
A wholesome meal… cooked by someone else.
A morning to yourself.
Breathe in deep… and release the tension in your shoulders, your neck, your jaw.
Can someone give you a quick neck rub, or a long full body massage?
An orgasm or two, alone or together helps to stir the energies up nicely too- some sexual healing for body and soul!
Find something to celebrate!
If you have a support circle – turn up!
If you haven’t get one – one where you get to be the goddess you are!
Breathe some more, let the voices drift off like clouds and just BE in your body.
Walk a labyrinth.
Make yourself smell good!
Put on your most snuggly jumper and fluffy socks.
Pick up the phone – call someone who cares.
Read something which inspires you – a love letter, a quotation that makes your soul begin to soar again.
Watch a comedy… even if your heart is breaking… watch it until you laugh out loud.
Spend free and easy time with children, or an animal – let them lead and share their joy in the simple things.
Don’t try to sort stuff out just now.
Don’t moan too much.
Do something simple and repetitive which leads to something wonderful of which you will be proud – knit, piece together a quilt, shell peas…
Put on a pretty piece of jewelry that has happy memories.
Breathe in golden light and shower it down over your body.
Take a hot bath.
Wear something that makes you feel good – now is not the time for dressing ugly!
Feast on fruit, sup on soup – fill yourself brim full of vegetal goodness
Bathe in beauty
Cultivate the abundance in your own life, rather than focus on the barren patches of scuffed grass.
Go to the circus, a play, a concert, a gallery – drink in the human experience as expressed in art.
Breathe, consciously.
Reap the bounty of nature from your garden or a hedgerow.
Take a vitamin tablet or two.
Make a promise to yourself… a good one!
Journal your feelings.
Drink some more tea.
Talk to your partner or sister or friend.
Smile at a stranger.
And remember that you are loved.
I did all this. And I’m back. (Did you know I was gone?!) And it feels good!
If you’re feeling out of sorts right now, it might just be cosmic – see here for why.
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    this is great, love it Lucy x x

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