Joy Pockets

our boy turning six
purple-painted toenails
Bird by Bird – who knew a book on writing technique could be so laugh out loud funny
Irish strawberries
sweaty sleeping baby curls
 a stupendous new issue of JUNO
a clear post-migraine head
horse-drawn rubbish collection – apparently they have it in Belgium!
an invitingly tidy dining room table
a new baby word: cack! (which means cat!)
the anticipation of mint chips being sent from the US by a new found blogging friend

Thanks to Mon at Bohemian Twilight for starting the Friday Joy Pocket trend
Do share your joy pockets with me below…
Wishing you a wonderful weekend

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  1. Raindrops and Daisies
    Raindrops and Daisies08-05-2011

    AAAAhhhhh, I love the new baby word!


  2. LB

    Happy Birthday to your boy!! Sweaty baby curls are the best. I happen to have purple toes at the moment, too. 🙂 Wonderful pockets! Have a great weekend!!

  3. Dreamingaloudnet

    Thanks y’all – love your HAIR LB 🙂 Hair envy!

  4. Carin

    Wonderful pockets! Laughed at the baby word, so sweet! Have a lovely weekend!

  5. ArtMuseDog and Carol
    ArtMuseDog and Carol08-05-2011

    Wonderful and joyful delights ~ So sweet and lovely ~ Enjoy ~ following from Bohemian Twilight ~ my blog is A Creative Harbor ~ Come visit ~ thanks, Carol ^_^

  6. MJ

    Bird by Bird is wonderful isn’t it?! And happy birthday to your 6 year old!!

  7. hello.

    oh wow, your the second person to mention ‘bird by bird’ this week…i think it’s going to have to be the next book i read! i love all the different nail polish colors out now- so much fun- especially purple! have a fantastic weekend 🙂

  8. Dreamingaloudnet

    Hey there Carin and MJ!

    Bird by bird ROCKS! Have been reading long passages of it out to my husband (who is not a “writer”) and he loves it too!

    Welcome Carol and hello to Dreaming Aloud – do join up and follow along!

    six year old has been kidnapped, but there’s a pirate sitting at the table, playing with moon sand 😉

  9. mel

    i LOVE bird by bird…it’s absolutely brilliant!

    wonderful Pockets…

    ps. i really love the birdy wallpaper you have on your blog!!!

  10. Dreamingaloudnet

    Thanks Mel.

    You know when you have a book and you wish it would go on and on and on…? That’s Bird by Bird and me right now!

    Welcome to all the new blog readers who are turning up and signing up this weekend – I hope you enjoy it here at Dreaming Aloud!

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