Joy Pockets

A round up of this week’s gratitudes…
joining in with the Friday Joy Pockets party over at Bohemian Twilight

The miracle of antibiotics
Snuggling up together  to watch sneaky TV way past bed time
Baking – eating it, doing it, watching it – LOVE it!
Revisioning our home – with a Zen space in EVERY room!
The baby washing up
Looking in my husband’s eyes
Two replacement fish which “miraculously” appeared in our fish tank – much to our boy’s delight!
The anticipation of starting playschool
My Thai cotton mermaid skirt
Bubble gum pink nails
An impromptu DIY haircut
A little boy caring for his sick mama
KNOWING I am loved
How has your week been, dear reader? Do share your joy pockets below, I love to hear them!
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  1. Monica {bohemian twilight}
    Monica {bohemian twilight}08-26-2011

    ooh, my faves
    – revisioning our home with zen space.
    – My Thai cotton mermaid skirt

    who got the haircut?

    sounds like a nice week of moments.

    psst… any chance of a link back to my place?

  2. Dreamingaloudnet

    I did in the bathroom – my kids demanded I cut my hair. So I did! “Shorter mama!” So I did – about 6 inches off!

    Linking up now – couldn’t do this morning cos yours wasn’t up!

  3. Dreamingaloudnet

    Just to clarify on the hair front, that makes it about as long again now as it is in the photo at the top of this blog, whereas, pre this hair cut it was past (breastfeeding boob) nipple level! 😉

  4. Laura

    hello sweeite, I hope you’re feeling much much better! My baby washed up this week too, he washed his head with the steel wool scourer also 😉 does wonders for cradle cap lol x x x

  5. Stacy @ Sweet Sky
    Stacy @ Sweet Sky08-27-2011

    Lovely moments… This morning I found myself recounting some of what filled me up from yesterday and realized I could share it in joy pockets… It’s surprisingly wonderful to share in everyone’s moments!

    Thank you!

  6. Talibah

    A zen space in every room, me too, and the mermaid skirt, I want one too!! Have a fun filled weekend!

  7. Carin

    How sweet your boy cared for you when you were ill!

    Love this: “Revisioning our home – with a Zen space in EVERY room!”

    Great pockets!

  8. Cinnamon owl
    Cinnamon owl08-28-2011

    Sounds like a wonderful week – loving the baking and the pink fingernails. 🙂

    visiting from bohemian twilight.

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