This Sunday – International Be good to Yourself Day!

Yesterday my book proposal headed off to its preferred publishers…

Our boxes are unpacked…

The sun is shining…

We’re all healthy…


So I’m ready for the energy to flow even better.
I am ready to get jamming with the Universe!

So tomorrow, to mark Lughnasa, to mark the end of July, to mark a personal transition, I have set up all sorts of goodies for myself…

And am hereby dubbing it:  International Be Good to Yourself Day!

Make it a day full of yumminess, good friends, wonderful food, celebration, thanksgiving, being out in nature, reading an inspiring book, starting a dream, making peace with an enemy…

I have planned a day with my soul sister of reflection and celebration. Of looking back and letting go, of looking forward and pulling the good stuff in consciously. On the cliffs and by a bonfire. And yes, there is naked dancing planned round said bonfire!!

I am also joining up to not one, not two but three wonderful shiny e-courses run by the glorious shiny Goddess Leonie.

As a circle member I get all this goodness for one fixed price of $100 for the year. Click here to view more details Hurray for me!!!!

Or you can sign up and pay for a single course and see if you like…. (personally, cos I’m a tight-ass when it comes to money, I’d recommend the full circle membership because it is only a few dollars more for a whole year’s worth of goodies, and you can pick and choose just what you need, when you need it – think of it as your own private safe full of treasure – and you have the code!)

NB: To those of you have have signed up already – this is a heads up to say
don’t miss the goodies on offer starting tomorrow 31st July.
You’ve paid for them already – so eat ’em up! Bathe in the yumminess on offer! Be loving to yourself! Just sign up from your profile page on the Goddess Circle and you will be part of the goodness for free!

And to those who haven’t come along for the ride – do join us!
For oodles of positivity, creativity, inspiration, mindful awareness, inner and outer health creation, meditations and affirmations…

Starting tomorrow we have…

  •  Radiant Goddess E-course is a 21 day journey to discovering the radiant goddess in you. This e-course comes with nutrition and movement plans, meditations, a recipe plan & soulful goddess  projects to help you shine all over: mind, body and spirit!
  • Click here to view more details

  • To get your creativity kick started she has the Creative Goddess E-course: a six week path to discover the creative goddess inside you with sacred creativity, meditations & projects. I’ll be painting along to that!
  • Click here to view more details

  • Join me on the Creating your Goddess Haven e-course: six weeks to create a home that inspires you with spirited interior design, divine decluttering & magical space-clearing.
  • Click here to view more details

  • For lots and lots of feel-goodness I’ll be hanging out at the 30 Days of Goddess course too
  • which appears to be for circle members only!

  • And of course her wonderfully magnificent Business Goddess course which kick started me into writing my book – hurray!
  • Click here to view more details

Leonie says “All of them I stand behind whole-heartedly and whole-soully. I *know* after 4000 goddesses using these e-courses to change their lives that quite simply… they work.”
And the word on the goddess circle, and in my own life is that the do – they help you to shift the sh*t and get into a positive zone and physical space.
With each e-course, you’ll receive meditations, videos, guidance and projects. You also get access to a private online message board for you to share your journey with other Goddesses on the journey! (And if you sign up via me, it costs you the same, but I get an affiliate thank you right back at me!)
I’m breathless with excitement…. 
Let the goodness roll in! May we make our lives fertile beds for wonder to grow and thrive in. May we, at this Lughnasa, the time of reaping the harvest, enjoy the fruits in our own lives!
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