The Tree of Knowledge- Another installment in my son’s quirky religious education

So on Sunday we got the “rainbow book” out, on request of my Bible loving three-year-old (those of you of a religious persuasion will be reassured that we have my illustrated Good News version on our bookshelf – it has a picture of a rainbow on the front and she is fascinated by it -the book that is, not just the picture).

They started to look at the pictures. And asked who the two naked people were. Those are Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, I say. And start to run over the bones of the story.

And I get to the apple bit. But Mama, was there only one apple? Is that why God didn’t want them to take it? Perhaps he wasn’t so good at the old sharing concept, my razor-sharp five-year-old suggested…

I stopped and thought. He looked at the picture again. Look Mama, there were loads of apples. So why was he cross?

Another good point, well made my son!

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  1. Laura

    timmy…my guru!

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