Something for the weekend

Quote of the week: “toddlers can make you feel as if you have violated some archaic law in their personal Koran and you should die, infidel.” (!!!) from Anne Lamott’s truly wonderful Bird by Bird: Some instructions on writing and life.

Memory of the week – Baby Ash sitting 6 foot up in a tree with a group of 4 other little monkey children grinning from ear-to-ear.

Post of the week: “You’ll miss this…” It drives me nuts when people say this to me, when I’m saying how tired I am from my kids – “oh, you’ll miss them” mothers of older children caution. “No I won’t” I retort, “not this bit”. This post by Talk Birth really gets to the heart of it…

And something for the weekend – have a virtual mojito on the house, chink, chink! (recipe on The Queen of Puddings!)

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  1. Motherfunker

    Oh I do love a nice Mojito. My favourite drink ever!

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