Life: it’s like learning to ride a bike…

I realized this week that our son is soon to turn six. This summer is a good time for us to focus on physical accomplishments with him: learning to ride a bike on two-wheels, and learning to swim without arm bands. He has had a bike with training wheels for nearly three years.

The new big bike, and a little boy, three years ago…

We bought his sister a balance bike for Christmas, in part to help him to learn. But this week I suggested it. He can be cautious of risk-taking physical stuff – I have no idea where he gets that from 😉 !!

Since then he has been pestering us intermittently. But things kept coming up. We wanted to give him undivided attention and supervision for this momentous time. This massive milestone.

So Patrick took the wheels off after our weekend guests had departed, and headed off for a shower. I was walking across the lawn to take the tent down. He was on his bike. I held onto him, he popped his feet on the pedals. I pushed a few steps, let go and off he went. To the other side of the lawn. As we say in Ireland, not a bother on him!

Big boy, little bike

No momentous falls or thunder claps. He just could. He already could cycle. And none of us knew.

And it got me to thinking. As these things do. About the times we keep our metaphorical training wheels on longer than necessary. We can cycle. But we play safe. Because we didn’t know we could do it alone.

I think we’re going to get him a big boy’s bike for his birthday next month to say well done.
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