The theory goes that whatever you think is “it”, is not really “it” at all!

That sounds very Zen…

So it’s probably also true.

Cos those Zen folk are famed for wisdom, not wise cracks.

If you think life will suddenly be right if you get X or Y, chances are it won’t because you’re looking outside yourself for satisfaction and fulfillment. The major bit of the equation is YOU, and if YOU don’t change, then not much else will.

If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.

Many writers swear that publication isn’t “it”, it isn’t “the thing” that changes everything else in your life – you still have to get up in the morning, do your work and go out and sell yourself…. so, they stay start now…

So that’s what I’m doing… and it feels good…I’m upping my game… putting myself out there…the details are top secret – but very, very exciting…

How about you? What is your “it” that you are waiting for? How might you make it happen in your own life now, without permission from others, annointing from the gods or winning the lottery?

Repeat after me: do what you can, with what you have, where you are...

Where can you start today – start small, then think a whole lot bigger… I’ll keep you posted if it worked for me…

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  1. Julia @ Natural Parents Network
    Julia @ Natural Parents Network07-28-2011

    I definitely can relate to this. It is easy to think “If XYZ were just exactly how I want it” or “If I only had ABC then my life would be perfect”. In my experience, whenever those things you thought were “it” come to fruition, you still are just as unhappy as before still waiting on the next “it” that is going to complete you. I know I am so much happier when I focus on the here and know and exactly what you said! “Do what you can ,with what you have, where you are” Wonderful advice!

  2. Dreamingaloudnet

    Thanks Julia!

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