Hot off the press – Part One!

So part one of the book on creative mothers is hot off the press into the hands of the critics – ie my best friends and husband. They have been warned to be good lovers – firm but gentle!

This book virgin is feeling excited, scared, my hands are shaking, the adrenaline is pumping….will it be OK?

So on with part two, which is mainly written but needs lots of organising and refining. This is now my top  priority, everything else (with the exception of enjoying summer holiday fun and frolics with my dearest kiddies) is of minimal importance now the book juices are flowing… I am supposed to be proposing new article ideas, organising a workshop, doing interviews and book reviews for another publication… but I just want to write my book. It is turning into the book I always wanted to read… and soon I will be able to!!!!

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  1. Motherfunker

    Ooooh! Exciting! Have been thinking about you lots these last few days and wondering how your book is coming along. And here you go. Well done!

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