Happy days – summer highlights

Summer days …. free and easy… no compass but our own… a life lived to our own heart beats and desires…

Warmth in our bones, sun on our skin, sand in our sandwiches and fresh strawberry muesli for breakfast, with a dash of double cream!

Lazy walks accruing nature’s bounty… tiger striped caterpillars, roadside barley, flowers in hot pink and burnt orange…

And lots of stolen fruit – tiny tart wild strawberries from the crumbling wall on the way up the road, and white peaches from my father’s greenhouse, dripping juice down our arms as we suck and smile, ruby red raspberries and loganberries the purple of a bruise.

A fairy girl throwing pots. Lots of pots by us all – a whole new generation of Pearce potters in the making! Hurray!!

A contented husband doing creative woodwork again.

A little girl hanging on to her mama’s skirt. A mama who said, “stop hanging on to my skirt, it drives me crazy” – the little girl responds ” but I love you mama”. This little girl who always claims not to love her mama, who won’t love her mama until she is my age.

My soul sister staying the night… talking late into the night. Bestest friends and a dear sister and husband for an impromptu Greek supper: tzatziki, lamb burgers, chickpeas and tomatoes…

A romantic walk with my love through fields of golden barley in the timeless mists of dusk.

Building sandcastles, and knocking them down again. Popping down to the beach after supper – just because we can!

And left-over chocolate birthday cake.

Happy days! So many summer highlights in the space of 24 hours!

And you, dear reader, what are your summer highlights?

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  1. Laura

    oh gorgeous, looks so lovely, what a fab birthday cake. Did the big man have fun? Think of you all, often x x

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