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“if a woman does a useless thing, none reproves her, 
if she does a harmful thing, few seek to restrain her; 
but if she seeks to imitate the goddess and to encourage others, 
all those in authority accuse her of corruption. 
So it is more dangerous to teach truth than to enter a gun powder store with a lighted torch.”
                                                                                        Tsiang Samdup, The Book of Sayings

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A half eaten mandala cookie – is your cookie half eaten, or half still to eat? 


A thank you

It’s been a big week at Dreaming Aloud with three top rating posts (To school or not to school
and two other rather contrasting posts – one on the beauty of co sleeping, and one on not wanting to go to 
bed and lose being me…. that was the second post in one day, so some of you might have missed my 
rather poignant, and humourous I am your mama bear)
I’ve had loads of new readers coming in via all your Facebook shares…
 51 shares of the Shared Sleep post, and counting… 

Thank you all those who share the love!

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 Another thank you…

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2011 Jun 4 09:00 – 2011 Jun 11 08:00

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Gypsy for her Magic Mums share                                                   4

So do head over and check them out too!

A reminder– that she is cute and huggable and stops screaming – sometimes!

A question
What are you doing this weekend to share the love with yourself? 
Me? I’ve got women’s group and hopefully a couple of hours dedicated book writing time 
– am loving it!

Happy Weekend!

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