I am your mama bear…

I am your mama bear. And you are my cub. Forever and ever I love you…

I will growl at the badness in the world, and keep you safe from harm… but I will not do everything for you or wrap you in cotton wool

I will feed your belly, but I will not make you endless snacks that lie half eaten.

I will snuggle you to sleep, but I will not lie like a sucker whilst you play for hours.

I will breastfeed you, but growl if you nip or tie me down all day.

I will teach you all I know, but I will not do your homework for you.

I will kiss your hurts but also let you feel your own pain.

I am a mama bear, and I have my own wildness. I must hunt and prowl myself. And you must too. We are wild ones you and I. Let us not domesticate each other. Do not tie me in bondage and I will let your heart roam free too.

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  1. earthlytreasures

    Lovely analogy 🙂 I’ve had a growly week here with much lack of sleep and much nipping and being-demanded-of, and this cheered me up!

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