Blogging Carnival of Emotions: breaking taboos

Women all over the blogosphere have been tackling taboo emotional subjects over the past few days. It has become an informal blogging carnival as mothers have been looking at the different sides of oft denied emotions. Finding great personal courage to explore and express subjects which are usually left untouched.

The genie is out of the bottle. Together we are learning, healing, finding resources, strength and encouragement through reflection and unity rather than fear and judgement.

I am bringing all those that I know of here together, topics include post natal depression, anger, isolation… Do take time to read these insightful posts, and the discussions in the comments section underneath.

If you haven’t already, do bring your energy and experiences to the party. I invite you to join the discussion – comment on a blog post, write your own and link up to this post, or link up a previous post you have written on the subject.

Rachael at the Variegated Life reflects on why she gets angry in Knowing Anger, it’s all about needs… but does she really need what she thinks she does?

Laura at Nestled Under Rainbows deals with post natal depression and maternal burn out in PND

The New Mommy Files deals with Isolation- knowing you are not alone which is for you if you are still dealing with the baggage from a damaged childhood.

Earthenwitch leaves an important Note to self: it’s not all bloody

My two posts – Is the silencing of mama anger a feminist issue?  and the white heat of mama anger deal with anger.

Apron Stringz opens a can of worms in Mama Rage (and later in the week opened a real can of worms when she discovered maggots all over her kitchen floor!)

Code Name Mama reflects on how it can all go wrong when we’re out of our comfort zones in Forgetting Connection

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  1. melissa

    Thank you for helping these voices be heard, Lucy. I have not read most of these, so I will be taking a look at each one. I really appreciated your raw and honest posts on anger, however. Those I had seen!

  2. Jessica | Cloth Diapering Mama
    Jessica | Cloth Diapering Mama06-18-2011

    GREAT IDEA! Have shared…worthwhile reading…

  3. earthlytreasures

    My rather bleary tuppence’orth:

    Can you identify the sleeplessness?

  4. therese

    Ok, here’s a taboo breaking comment for you. I’ve been suffering from depression on and off for the past 4 years. Well, that’s what the doctor and anyone else thinks anyway. Truth is, I’m suffering from existential angst, and sometimes that results in depression. Poor doctor and friends don’t know the difference. I ususally don’t talk much about it, because I’m terrified of not being understood. The few times I HAVE talked about how meaningless I feel life is, I get this answer: “But you have the kids! They make it all worth it!”. And here’s the taboo: they don’t. I love my children and would die for them, but when my brain is ruminating about how pointless everything is, the fact that I had kids into this world is NOT an uplifting thought, on the contrary. But I can’t tell that to anyone (except to strangers on the internet), and I can’t even tell them how much it hurts me to hear them say that. On top of my existential crisis, I have to deal with a bad, bad conscience for not thinking my kids makes everything all right.

  5. Dreamingaloudnet

    Therese I am SO with you there. I am feeling dark at the moment, despondent with humanity, with mothering, with the human condition and the seeming futility of it, of our destructiveness, our baseness, our inability to make more than pockets of glory, the drudgery of daily life – I am SO with you. And having kids makes it harder not easier. But I stay for them.

    No answers – just some moments I’m like – yes, it’s great to be alive, this is why I hang on, and others, others I don’t see any point…

  6. Dreamingaloudnet

    Thanks Zoe for jumping on board. yes, I relate to the sleep thang – this past couple of weeks have been hellish on that front here.

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