Do you stop and smell the roses… and then eat them?!

Roses are red, violets are blue,
Both taste divine,
So why not try some too!

There is nothing more sensual, exotic and heavenly, for me, than the scent of roses… they are my favourite flowers… I have rose scented perfume, deodorant, face cream…putting them on makes me feel most goddess-like, despite the baby snot on my shoulder and hair that could do with a good brush! Did you know that essential oil of rose is supposed to be good for anger issues? Maybe that’s why I douse myself so liberally in it!

I have filled our garden with roses, light and dark pink and yellow and white… I still am on the look out for a red velvet one which my dad has in his garden and a Peace rose that my mother has always loved. (The photographs here were taken when we lived in Cambridge, my college had the most beautiful rose garden which I photographed on my last day.)

The roses are coming into bloom here. But in this house we don’t celebrate them just for their visual beauty, or even their scent… but for their flavour. If you haven’t discovered roses as edible magic, let me enlighten you!

Last week we were treated to Timmy’s rose petal lemonade, from my gorgeous 5-year-old who snuck off one evening whilst we were out in the garden, to make a tray of this, his very own recipe, to serve to the whole family. Bless! It is SO refreshing. He has allowed me to share his recipe with you all: Put all of the petals from one scented rose into a cup, and two teaspoons of sugar, fill the glass with water, mix with a spoon, squeeze the water out of the petals and serve with a straw.

In Singapore my husband and I discovered rose milk, which is rose water added to milk with sugar to taste and a drop of red food colour. Serve over ice with curries or Indian sweet meats- it is the nectar of the gods!

Summer flower tea (an adapted version of my spring tea) – raspberry leaf, strawberry leaf, rose geranium leaf and rose petals…

Ha! I’ve just realised that my tea pot and tea cups and chintzy plates are all covered in roses too… ooops this is becoming a little obsessive!

Crystalised flowers to decorate desserts and cakes, or for dainty after-dinner sweets…. paint with gently whisked egg white and cover completely with caster sugar. Leave to dry for a couple of hours. They are wonderful decorating rose creams – my favourite chocolates.

 To make rose creams, a really old fashioned chocolate,  mix icing sugar with rose water to a thick paste, adding a drop of red food colour.roll  into balls, refrigerate and the coat in melted dark chocolate.

I want to share recipes for rose petal jam… rose water… face cream…Before we even start on rose hip syrup…

But instead I shall point you here for the most incredible low-down on fifty edible flowers, how to cook them, hundreds of mindblowing recipe suggestions – rose petal bread, anyone?

My friend Laura inspired me with her post on dandelions – with so many creative ways to use them…do check it out!

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